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Welcome to the documentation for Roles! This document aims to provide a comprehensive guide to understanding roles within data plane.

The system initially generates some roles with full permissions. Users have the ability to create new role or duplicate existing role from role list.

Roles | IOMETERoles | IOMETE

Role create

Lets create new role (with Admin account) and assign it to user. In the role create page contains following inputs:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Permissions that covering areas such as Lakehouse, Spark Connect, Spark Jobs, Users, Groups, Roles, Data Security, and Data Catalog.
Role create | IOMETERole create | IOMETE
Role permission select | IOMETERole permission select | IOMETE

Permissions Overview

Each permission includes the following access levels:

  • Can List: Grants permission to view a list of resources.

  • Can Create: Provides permission to create new resources.

  • Can Manage: Offers the ability to edit, remove, or manage select or all resources. This includes the option to Start and Terminate the Lakehouse.

  • Can View: Allows users to view detailed information about a resource.

  • Can Attach: Grants permission to attach roles to users, roles to groups, users to groups, etc.

To activate a specific access item, simply check the related checkbox. The default setting is (All) for each access item. However, you can customize options for everything except Can list and Can create as needed.

Role create inputs | IOMETERole create inputs | IOMETE
Role permission can view | IOMETERole permission can view | IOMETE
Role permission can attach | IOMETERole permission can attach | IOMETE

Assign role

After creating a role, go to the user list and click on a user to whom you want to assign the role. First, remove any existing roles added by the system. Then, click the Assign Role button and choose the role we created.

Assign Role to user view | IOMETEAssign Role to user view | IOMETE
Assign Role to user | IOMETEAssign Role to user | IOMETE

Groups can have roles assigned, and all users in a group automatically inherit the group's role.


After being assigned the role, log in to the current user account. Navigate to the lakehouse list and click on test-lakehouse. You can view the lakehouse, but you can't manage it.

Lakehouse can manage role | IOMETELakehouse can manage role | IOMETE