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Spark Jobs

Spark Jobs is a powerful platform designed to execute Apache Spark applications within a virtual lakehouse environment. It offers several key features that streamline the development, execution, and management of Spark jobs.

IOMETE Spark Jobs UI

Spark Jobs | IOMETESpark Jobs | IOMETE

Creating Spark Jobs in IOMETE

There are two methods to create Spark jobs within the IOMETE platform:

1. Using the IOMETE Spark Jobs Marketplace:

Access the IOMETE Spark Jobs Marketplace where you can find a variety of pre-built ingestion jobs ready for deployment. These open-sourced ingestion jobs can be easily deployed to suit your specific data processing needs.
For more details, please follow this link: IOMETE Spark Jobs Marketplace

2. Creating Custom Spark Jobs:

Develop your own custom Spark job tailored to your unique requirements. This option allows for complete flexibility and customization in designing data processing workflows within the IOMETE environment.
For more details on creating custom Spark jobs, please follow this link: Custom Spark Jobs in IOMETE