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DataGrip Lakehouse Connection

Connect to Spark Warehouse through DataGrip

  1. In DataGrip click on Add Datasource and choose Apache Spark from dropdown. It should be under the Others section

datagrip lakehouse connection

  1. If you will see the Download missing drivers button below, install them first.

Datagrip downloading missing drivers

  • After downloading the required drivers, insert your JDBC connection URL to URL field

You can find the warehouse's JDBC URL on the warehouse's detail page under the JDBC tab

Copy JDBC URL from Connection details

Datagrip connection details

  1. Then type in your IOMETE email and Personal Access Token into corresponding fields
  2. Optionally you can specify the schema (database)
Check Status

Please take into consideration that Test Connection could take couple of minutes if your lakehouse driver is suspended. It takes usually 1-2 minutes to scale up. After that you should be able to Connect to your Lakehouse through JDBC.

Datagrip connection test