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Node types

IOMETE offers a feature for configuring node types, such as CPU and memory.

Node type list

To see the Node type list, go to the Settings menu and click on the Node types tab. You'll find built-in node types there. You can edit an existing node type or create a new one.

Node types | IOMETENode types | IOMETE

Create node type

To create new node type, click the button.

After that, you'll see the following options for configuration.

  • Name:
  • Description This is what user will see on node type selection.
  • CPU in millicores For 1 CPU, enter 1000.
  • Memory Memory size in MiB. For 1 GiB, enter 1024 MiB.
  • Available for Driver and Executor (At least one option should be checked).
  • Resource tags Tags are custom name/value pairs that you can assign to IOMETE resources. These tags enable you to categorize and organize your resources effectively.
Node type create | IOMETENode type create | IOMETE

Using node types

You can utilize node types in Lakehouses, Spark Connect Clusters and Spark Jobs. Let's navigate to the Lakehouse create page. Here, you'l find options for Node driver and Node executor, which include node type selections. You can also view the Total CPU and Memory based on the selected executor and executor count.

Lakehouse Node type select | IOMETELakehouse Node type select | IOMETE

The node type select dropdown looks like this.

Lakehouse Node type select options | IOMETELakehouse Node type select options | IOMETE

Delete node type

To delete the node type, click the node type that you want to delete and in opened page simply click the button below the inputs. Afterward, you'll receive a confirmation message; click "Yes, delete" to confirm the deletion.

Node type delete | IOMETENode type delete | IOMETE