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Email Settings

IOMETE offers a feature to configure your own email server.


To view Email Settings, navigate to the Settings menu item and switch to the Email Settings tab. Click on the button to get started.

Email configuration | IOMETEEmail configuration | IOMETE

Configuration options

After that, you'll see the following options for configuration.

  • From: Sender Email Address
  • From Display Name Display Name for Sender Email Address
  • Host SMTP Host
  • Port SMTP Port
  • User Login Username
  • Password Login Password
Email configuration inputs | IOMETEEmail configuration inputs | IOMETE

Test connection

After filling in the input, you can test the connection by clicking the button.

Email configuration test connection | IOMETEEmail configuration test connection | IOMETE

Delete email setting

To delete the email setting, simply click the button below the inputs. Afterward, you'll receive a confirmation message; click "Yes, delete" to confirm the deletion.

Email configuration delete | IOMETEEmail configuration delete | IOMETE