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Free-forever data lakehouse platform

· 2 min read
Aytan Jalilova

Most data warehousing solutions are usage-based and can become expensive quickly. For companies that are starting their data journey, we introduced the IOMETE Free Plan. You can use it as long as you want and you have access to most features. Pretty generous right?

The IOMETE data lakehouse uses a multi-cluster shared-data architecture, where data is stored in a cloud object store and multiple compute clusters run on top of it. This allows for a single source of truth for all company data, isolates compute workloads based on teams or use cases without duplicating data and it can scale horizontally as the organization grows.

The IOMETE data platform is built on Apache Iceberg (table format) and Apache Spark (query engine). Spark Job clusters are designed to be elastically scalable. The clusters could automatically scale up/down based on the load, making multiple clusters share the same underlying resources and increasing the hardware resources utilization.

IOMETE runs on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud even on-premies servers.

The Free Plan offers:

  • 1 cluster and up to 8 executors.
  • The Lakehouse Cluster can be connected to backend applications using JDBC, ODBC, or Python drivers, and the experience is similar to connecting to operational databases like MySQL.
  • Use the DBT adapter integrated with Apache Iceberg and the whole IOMETE ecosystem.
  • Easily connect to your favorite BI tool with our readily available BI integrations.
  • The Notebook feature will also be available on the Free Plan.
  • Query Federation: You can get the full benefits of query federation from multiple sources, including relational databases, NoSQL databases, and flat files like CSV, JSON, or Parquet. With this feature, users can directly read/write data from JDBC data sources like PostgreSQL or Oracle without building complex ETL pipelines (that will save you even more!).

You can check out the full features here.

You got me at “free”…

Our Free Plan offers all you need for your organization to become data-driven and we offer community support. Start for free today and ping us if you run into any issues. Good Luck!