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Virtual Lakehouses

A virtual warehouse is a cluster of compute resources that provide the required resources, such as CPU, memory to perform the querying processing. Table data files are stored in cloud data storage (S3) as a shared data storage that allows multiple virtual warehouse clusters to share the same data while isolating compute. IOMETE uses Apache Spark as a data warehouse query engine with ACID support


In production environments, it is often required to isolate workloads, for example, to avoid the overhead of batch ETL jobs on ad-hoc analytical queries. Since data is decoupled and shared from virtual warehouses, it enables the creation of multiple warehouse clusters to isolate the workloads and turn on/off clusters based on requirements to save costs. Cluster size can be defined based on requirements and workloads.

Create Virtual Warehouse

  1. Log in to the Console App
  2. Click the "Create New" button in the Warehouses tab
  3. Name your warehouse, and choose cluster type and press the "Create" button

Virtual Warehouses

New Virtual Warehouse Creation


Warehouse creation takes around a minute. After the status to \"running\" you can start using the warehouse

Warehouse Settings

On the settings tab, you can find the action buttons to start/stop/delete the warehouse

Settings Tab