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Personal access token

You can create a personal access token to use in place of a password with the IOMETE API.

About personal access token

Personal access tokens are an alternative to using passwords for authentication to IOMETE when using IOMETE API. In this article, we will explain to you how to create and use Personal Access Tokens for IOMETE API.

Create new access token

1. Navigate to Settings menu

2. Click Personal Access Token(PAT) tab

3. Click Generate new token

PAT generate new

4. Under Token name, give the token a name.

5. Under Expiration, select an expiration for the token.

Expiration notifications

Users receive two notifications during the lifetime of a Personal Access Token: one day and seven days before the expiration date.

6. Click Generate.

PAT generate view

7. After genereting you should see

PAT generate view
Download or Copy

Make sure to copy your personal access token now. You won't be able to see it again.

8. Click Done.

9. We can see generated token in list view.

PAT generate view
How to use Personal Access Token

IOMETE API can be accessed through code or CLI tools using the Personal Access Token. You should send the API token in the HTTP header X-API-Token. Below we provided simple example written in Python.

You will see your IOMETE region host instead of {your_iomete_account_host}

 import requests

r = requests.get("https://{your_iomete_account_host}/api/v1/....", headers = {
"X-API-Token": "**************************"