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Welcome to IOMETE's documentation! πŸ‘‹

Here you'll find comprehensive guides and documentation to get you up and running with IOMETE quickly and easily

The IOMETE lakehouse platform​

The platform

  • Modern lakehouse built on top of Apache Iceberg and Apache Spark.
  • Includes:
    • Serverless lakehouse
    • Serverless Spark Jobs
    • SQL editor
    • Advanced data catalog
    • Built-in BI (or connect 3rd party BI e.g. Tableau, Looker)

IOMETE's extreme value proposition

  • Our compute pricing is equal to AWS on-demand pricing, with no mark up.
  • You get basically all our lakehouse functionality for free.
  • We believe in the democratization of data. Data is used in important areas like health, climate, sustainability and finance. Therefore data computation and analysis that is easy and available at the lowest price possible even at petabytes scale, may be a great thing for planet earth.

Platform features​

  • Modern architecture: We are ex-Uber/Google/Amazon engineers that understand data at scale.
  • Open source: We built on Apache Iceberg and Apache Spark. We use an open source data format (Parquet).
  • Fully managed: No maintenance, no upfront investment.
  • Unified experience: Don’t waste time patching together multi-vendor solutions.
  • Fantastic support: Directly access our engineering team via Slack if you have questions.
  • Scalable: As you grow, IOMETE grows with you. Only pay for what you use.
  • Compatible: Works well with most other data infrastructure solutions.
  • We democratize data by empowering teams to become data-driven in an easy and cost-effective way.