IOMETE and Apache Iceberg

Fully-managed Lakehouse Platform powered by Apache Iceberg and Spark.
Use Case

You are experiencing one or more of the following challenges

You are planning to adopt or have already adopted Apache Iceberg as your data lake storage format
You are looking for a fully-managed lakehouse platform to supercharge the Apache Iceberg-based data lake in your own cloud account
You are seeking improved security features on the platform, including built-in authentication, authorization, and advanced data access control capabilities
You are looking for a fully-managed, high-performance platform with transparent flat-fee pricing

IOMETE is a modern cloud-prem lakehouse that provides a scalable, cost-effective, and secure data lakehouse and data warehouse solution in your own cloud environment

IOMETE is a fully-managed lakehouse platform, built on Apache Iceberg and Apache Spark, that provides a native and best-in-class user experience with Iceberg tables
IOMETE supercharges the data lake with a wide range of integrations, built-in security features, and advanced data access controls
IOMETE provides a complete, unified analytics platform that is easy-to-use, even for users with less technical pedigree. It enables them to perform data science and analytics at scale with minimal prior knowledge
IOMETE charges a low, flat monthly fee instead of a heavily marked-up pay-per-hour consumption model, which can quickly become expensive as data sizes increase. Save big, budget your costs upfront and don't worry about fluctuating bills

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How to install IOMETE
Easily install IOMETE on AWS using Terraform and enjoy the benefits of a cloud lakehouse platform.
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Querying Files in AWS S3
Effortlessly run analytics over the managed Lakehouse and any external files (JSON, CSV, ORC, Parquet) stored in the AWS S3 bucket.
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Getting Started with Spark Jobs
This guide aims to help you get familiar with getting started with writing your first Spark Job and deploying in the IOMETE platform.
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Virtual lakehouses
A virtual lakehouse is a cluster of compute resources that provide the required resources, such as CPU, and memory, to perform the querying processing.
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Iceberg tables and Spark
IOMETE features Apache Iceberg as its table format and uses Apache Spark as its compute engine.
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The SQL editor
This guide aims to help you get familiar with getting startedThe SQL Editor is where you run queries on your dataset and get results.with writing your first Spark Job and deploying in the IOMETE platform.
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