IOMETE on Google Cloud

Enjoy the benefits of a modern and open data lakehouse platform running on Google Cloud without breaking the bank.
Use Case

You may identify with one or more of the following situations

You're doing data analytics on operational databases, but your data size is growing, and you're experiencing performance issues. Data analytics is putting pressure on your operational databases and affecting your business.
You have different types of data sources and want to consolidate them in a single place to do data analytics and data science.
Data preparation is a bottleneck for your data analytics and data science projects. You want to use modern, scalable, and cost-effective data preparation tools to prepare your data for analytics and data science..
You are cost-conscious. Data size typically grows fast, and you want a cost-efficient solution.

IOMETE is a modern cloud-prem lakehouse that provides a scalable, cost-effective, and secure data lake and data warehouse solution.

IOMETE operates in your Google Cloud account. Your data will not leave your trust perimeter.
IOMETE charges a low flat monthly fee rather than a heavily marked-up pay-per-hour consumption model, which becomes quickly expensive at larger data sizes. Save big, budget your costs upfront, and don't worry about fluctuating bills.
IOMETE is built on open-source technologies like Apache Spark and Apache Iceberg. Data is stored in Parquet format, a standard open format. This results in an empowered user and no vendor lock-in.
IOMETE is a fully-managed service. This means no updates or maintenance for you. You can focus on your data and your business

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How to install IOMETE
Easily install IOMETE on AWS using Terraform and enjoy the benefits of a cloud lakehouse platform.
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Querying Files in AWS S3
Effortlessly run analytics over the managed Lakehouse and any external files (JSON, CSV, ORC, Parquet) stored in the AWS S3 bucket.
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Getting Started with Spark Jobs
This guide aims to help you get familiar with getting started with writing your first Spark Job and deploying in the IOMETE platform.
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Virtual lakehouses
A virtual lakehouse is a cluster of compute resources that provide the required resources, such as CPU, and memory, to perform the querying processing.
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Iceberg tables and Spark
IOMETE features Apache Iceberg as its table format and uses Apache Spark as its compute engine.
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The SQL editor
This guide aims to help you get familiar with getting startedThe SQL Editor is where you run queries on your dataset and get results.with writing your first Spark Job and deploying in the IOMETE platform.
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