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Lakehouse Platform
Building and maintaining a large-scale data analytics platform is complex and costly. We built the fastest, frictionless cloud data platform that allows for realtime streaming and advanced data governance. With zero maintenance, no upfront costs and no vendor lock-in, we make it easy for you to become a data-driven company. #iomete #frictionless #democratize data Request a Demo qloud Watch Video
first movers:

built on open source

Built on top of Apache Spark™️ and Apache Iceberg. Apache Spark is one of the largest open source communities in the world. We believe the future of data depends on open source software and the millions of developers who contribute to it every day #democratize data

why iomete

We deliver a modern enterprise data cloud for any situation, anywhere, from the Edge to AI.


fully managed

Efficient, scalable and fully managed. Quickly store and analyze gigabytes to petabytes of data with zero operational overhead.


unified experience

Everything you need in a single platform to become a data-driven company.


cost efficient

Our platform allows any size organization to become datadriven at a fraction of the costs. #democratize data



centralize data

Our Managed Cloud Lakehouse Platform provides a single source of truth for all your company data. Advanced data access control allows you to meet your data governance needs.


data democratization

Accelerate data democratization and empower analysts.


machine learning/AI

Shift from organizational and technological silos to an open and unified platform for the full data and ML/AI lifecycle.

more than just data warehouse

The core of our platform is a data warehouse with realtime streaming. iomete’s modern cloud architecture makes our platform blazing-fast, faster than anything out there. Decoupled computing and storage allows for scaling resources separately and you only pay for what you use. With zero maintenance, no upfront costs and no vendor lock-in. #frictionless #democratize data

  • zero maintenance
  • compliance without complexity
  • cost-effective
  • start immediately
  • modern cloud architecture
  • no vendor lock-in

drive better, faster analytics

real-time streaming

The enterprise-grade event data collection platform. Collect clickstream, IoT, behavioral data across your websites, in real-time. Start getting insights instantly from the data

data warehouse

Highly scalable, and cost-effective cloud data warehouse designed for business agility. Analyze petabytes of data using SQL at blazing-fast speeds, with zero operational overhead.

cloud storage

Data is saved and secured on AWS S3. Industry-leading performance, scalability, availability, and durability. Data is compressed 5-20 times by the platform which greatly reduces storage costs

data catalog

Compliance-ready data governance solution. Offering data discovery, audit, tagging, and lineage. Great visibility on all of your data and improve the productivity of data consumers

SQL workbench

Best querying experience with the most intelligent autocompletes, query sharing, and data visualization. Let more of your employees level-up and perform analytics

Security and access control

Enterprise-grade security and fine-grained access-control on the table, column, and row level. Customers can easily integrated their own users through OIDC, SAML, Kerberos/LDAP

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