The first cloud-prem data lakehouse

Stop overpaying for rigid data warehousing solutions. Get easy access to a modern and open lakehouse for a fixed flat fee. Fully deployed in your environment so that you always own your data 100%.
A modern and open lakehouse

Get easy access to a modern lakehouse featuring Apache Iceberg and Spark. Compute petabytes of data in seconds and enjoy modern features such as autoscale, separate storage and compute and query federation.

Deployed in your environment

IOMETE can be deployed in your cloud, on premise or in your Virtual Private Cloud.

For a flat fixed fee

Say goodbye to expensive compute credits and surprise bills

  • Fixed flat fee

  • Low cost to user

Sync. Prepare. Consume.

The IOMETE data lakehouse is the easy and radically affordable way to becoming truly data-driven.

Sync from a wide range of compatible data sources

or use query federation to unify your data for analytical and ML/AI workloads.
Sync or ingest from a wide range of compatible data sources

Use built-in serverless Spark jobs to sync data from your operational database and other data sources into a lakehouse or use a third party ELT tool to ingest your data.

Access your data with query federation

IOMETE allows you to query disparate datasources in the same system with the same SQL. Federated queries can access your object storage, relational databases, No-SQL system, all in the same query. IOMETE completely changes what is possible in this central data consumption layer. Easily join your lakehouse data with external JSON, CSV files without ingesting them to the lakehouse.

Enjoy the benefits of near real-time streaming

IOMETE allows you to sync data near real-time.


Transform, clean and organize your data with SQL, Spark and DBT.

Transform your data at any scale.

Built-in Apache Spark can handle large datasets by dividing them into smaller partitions and processing them in parallel on in clusters. This makes it highly scalable, fast and suitable for up to petabytes datasets. Apache Spark is flexible and handles SQL, Java, Scala, and Python. IOMETE offers a seamless integration with DBT.

Run ad-hoc analysis with the SQL editor.

The built-in SQL editor provides a toolkit to make it easy to write SQL queries with features such as search, autocomplete and schema explorer.

Organize your data with the built-in data catalog

The IOMETE data catalog provides Google-like search, index and discovery for your data. It also allows you to document the data you own so you can stay organized.

Manage data access and become compliant with data regulations

Leverage advanced data access controls to keep your data secure. IOMETE allows you to manage access on person or team level, as well as on table, row and column level and makes it easy to become and stay compliant with regulations such as SOC2, HIPAA and GDRP.


Connect IOMETE to your favorite BI, ML/AI tool

and enjoy the benefits of having access to relevant, high-quality data for analysis and decision making by men and machines.
Connect to your favorite BI tool

It’s very easy to connect IOMETE to your favorite BI tool - including Tableau, PowerBI, Metabase and Apache Superset - and enjoy the benefits of organized, high-quality data for analytical and dash boarding purposes.

Connect to your favorite ML/AI tool

With features such as notebook service, training ML jobs on the Spark cluster and time-travel support on the data lake, IOMETE makes it easy to run your ML/AI models.

Explore IOMETE use cases

Standalone Solution

Use IOMETE as your first standalone primary data warehousing solution.
You are on AWS and are looking for an effective data warehousing solution.
IOMETE on premise
You want the full functionality of the IOMETE lakehouse but stay on premise.
IOMETE on Private Cloud
You want to move to or keep your data on a Private Cloud.

Cost reductions of 50% or more

Use IOMETE as a data lake in combination with a data warehouse to reduce cost by 50% or more while improving performance.
Snowflake + IOMETE
Augment Snowflake with IOMETE to reduce cost and improve performance.
Firebolt + IOMETE
Augment Firebolt with IOMETE to reduce cost and improve performance.
Data warehouse + IOMETE
Augment your dwh with IOMETE to reduce cost and improve performance.

Replace your solution

Replace your Amazon warehousing solution with IOMETE. Upgrade to a modern and open data lakehouse platform that runs in your AWS environment and reduce your cloud bill.
Amazon Redshift + IOMETE
Augment Redshift with IOMETE to reduce cost and improve performance.
Replace Amazon EMR
Replace Amazon EMR by a modern open lakehouse.
Replace Amazon Athena
Replace Amazon Athena by a modern open lakehouse.

Data privacy use cases

Run IOMETE on premise or in your VPC to keep customer or patient data 100% secure and become HIPAA, GDPR or HITRUST compliance quickly.
Healthcare organizations
Healthcare organizations looking to keep patient data 100% secure.
Financial institutions
Financial institutions looking to keep data 100% secure.
Public sector
Government entities or NGOs looking to keep data 100% secure.

Other use cases

Many other use cases focused on reducing overall cloud infra cost and/or becoming data-driven in an easy and cost-effective manner.
Data resellers
Data resellers looking to expand gross margin.
Replace Cloudera
Replace Cloudera with a modern and open data lakehouse solution.
Iceberg solution
Use IOMETE as a fully-managed Apache Iceberg solution.
Learn more in a 30 min demo discovery call.

Compute petabytes of data for a flat fixed fee.

The consumption-based cost model that is prevalent in the data industry was introduced to maximize vendor revenue and profits. IOMETE provides a fixed flat fee alternative.

“You only pay for what you use” sounds logical when one first hears it, but data volumes tend to grow over time so you end up paying more as you will use more.

With IOMETE you can say goodbye to compute credits and surprise bills and compute as much as you want for a fixed flat fee. For organizations that just start on their data journey we have a free-for-ever plan. You can use it as long as you want for free.