The advanced Autocomplete function removes the need to remember the SQL syntax. It makes proactive suggestions while you type, using the built-in data catalog.

Schema explorer

The Schema Explorer allows you to explore the schema of your databases while writing your query. Make use of the metadata for entities. Get shortcuts for the standard queries with the context menu and insert them into the current worksheet with a click. Copy the names of entities with a keyboard combination...


Save your queries and return back to them whenever you want and with the autosave feature you don’t have to worry about losing any progress.

Query history

Navigate through previous steps, check the metadata of the query, and reuse the query by opening it in the current worksheet.

Query variables

Create Query Variables and use them throughout your worksheets. Safely change the value of a variable from one place without the necessity to edit the query.

Customizable UI

Hide sections or make them full screen if you need to concentrate on something particular. Place your results at the right or go with the default placement at the bottom. With a clean and intuitive UI there is no need to worry about getting uncomfortable with a lot of elements on the screen. Everything is scrollable and manageable.

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FAQ | SQL Editor

How to run a query?

You just need to select lakehouse and database and you are good to go.

Is there a way to export the results of a query?

Yes. There is the ability to export results as a .csv file. The export button is located right above the results table.

How can I get access to the result of previous queries?

You can use the Query History feature of the SQL editor.

How to enable autocomplete feature?

You don’t have to do something special to enable autocomplete feature. It is enabled by default and it uses your data catalog information to enrich autocompleting possibilities.

I accidentally closed the browser and forgot to manually save my latest queries. Will I lose my progress?

There is an autosave feature working in the background that saves your progress once in a while.