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IOMETE Community Edition

Welcome to the future of data management and analytics with the IOMETE Lakehouse Platform Community Edition. This edition stands out as the most generous Data Lakehouse Platform available in the market today, offering an unparalleled blend of freedom and functionality in data handling.

The World's Most Generous Free Modern Lakehouse Platform

IOMETE Community Edition is completely free with no hidden costs. Your data remains within your control, never leaving your account or data lake.

  • Managed Data Lakehouse: Experience the power of Managed Apache Spark and Iceberg for efficient data management.
  • Speed, Scale, and Simplicity: Enjoy a modern, intuitive UI that simplifies complex tasks
  • Scalable from TB to PB: Unparalleled performance and reliability.
  • No Lock-In: Open data lakehouse with Apache Spark & Iceberg - no vendor lock-in, top-class engines.
  • Cost Efficiency and Control: Only pay for the infrastructure you use with options for Spot and Reserved instances for additional savings.
  • Flexible Deployment: Compatible with cloud or on-premise environments.
  • Generosity: Recognized as the most generous free Lakehouse platform globally.
  • Free: Use it for personal or commercial projects without any restrictions.

Start Using IOMETE Community Edition

IOMETE is compatible with several leading cloud service providers. Choose the platform that best suits your needs and follow the instructions to get started and join the IOMETE Community Discord Server for support and discussions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I run IOMETE on a single node?

Yes. IOMETE can run on a single node for development and testing. Details are available on the single node deployment page.

Does IOMETE run entirely within my infrastructure?

Yes. IOMETE operates entirely within your infrastructure and does not transmit data to external cloud services.

Is internet connectivity required for IOMETE?

By default, yes. IOMETE needs an internet connection to download necessary docker images.

air-gapped environments

For air-gapped (no-internet access clusters) environments, contact us for assistance.

Differences between cloud and on-premise deployments?

IOMETE provides a unified experience across cloud and on-premise deployments. However, there are some differences due to the nature of the environments:

  • Cloud: Uses terraform for infrastructure setup and helm charts for IOMETE installation.
  • On-premise: Manual infrastructure setup with helpful deployment scripts, followed by helm chart installation.
Object Storage
  • Cloud: Utilizes managed services like AWS S3, Azure Blob Storage, Google Cloud Storage.
  • On-premise: Requires setting up S3 compatible storages like MinIO, DELL ECS, etc.
Auto Scaling
  • Cloud: Built-in auto-scaling features to optimize resource usage.
  • On-premise: Typically static resource allocation, but dynamic scaling can be utilized.

Differences between Community and Enterprise versions?

Refer to IOMETE Pricing for a detailed comparison.

Support for Community Edition?

IOMETE Community Edition is supported by the community. Feel free to join the IOMETE Community Discord Server for support and discussions.

Dedicated Support?

Dedicated support is available for Enterprise customers. Enterprise customers receive dedicated support via Slack or MS Teams, including full maintenance and updates.

How to get Enterprise Version?

Schedule a call here to discuss your requirements and obtain a quote.