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Spark SQL Cheat Sheet for Apache Iceberg

· One min read
Fuad Musayev

Apache Iceberg is a high-performance format for huge analytic tables. It has built-in metadata tables for inspection and procedures for data compaction and table maintenance. Also, its snapshot architecture making it easy time-travel over data versions.

In the lakehouse platform, we are using Apache Iceberg with Apache Spark. Even though Apache Iceberg has great documentation for working with Spark SQL, we have created a helpful cheat sheet for quick access to the most popular commands.

We included DDL operations for creating databases and tables, altering table structures, basic read / write queries, SQL queries for time travel. In the third column we included base Apache Iceberg SQL procedures with arguments that are most likely to be used.

We included DDL operations and base Apache Iceberg SQL procedures with arguments

Download the PDF version here. We hope you find it useful. 🤗