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CompanyWhy we choose to be the on premise data lakehousewhy we position ourselves as the on premise data lakehouse
Piet Jan de Bruin September 26, 2023
Company10 Reasons Why Apache Iceberg is the Winning Table FormatApache Iceberg is a table format that is quickly becoming the standard for storing and managing data lake
Piet Jan de Bruin August 25, 2023
CompanyThe Benefits of On-Premise and Hybrid Data WarehousesThere can be good reasons to opt for an on-premise data warehouse or lakehouse
Piet Jan de Bruin August 24, 2023
CompanyDATA MESH with IOMETELearn how to implement data mesh to your organization with IOMETE
Lakshmi Narayana Segu March 3, 2023
CompanyData lake benefits 2023Learn the benefits of data lakes and how to implement them in your organization [2023]
Aytan Jalilova February 13, 2023
CompanyApache Iceberg vendor IOMETEWe’re pleased to announce that IOMETE is now featured as one of the few vendors that supports the Apache Iceberg table format
Piet Jan de Bruin December 28, 2022
CompanyIOMETE achieved SOC-2 compliancewe have achieved SOC 2 Type I compliance in accordance with American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) standards for SOC for Service Organizations
Piet Jan de Bruin December 25, 2022
CompanyBuilding data stack for governed dataData Governance is a concept that entered our lives with Big Data and has been implemented in many institutions and organizations.
Aytan Jalilova October 4, 2022
CompanyThe Data Cloud is GreedyIn this post we explained why we believe "The Data Cloud" - a reference to the establishment in our industry - is greedy by sharing our hate list.
Piet Jan de Bruin July 27, 2022
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