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Unified Data Warehouse

What is a Unified Data Warehouse?‚Äč

A Unified Data Warehouse is a centralized database that consolidates all of an organization's business information, making it readily available throughout the company. By implementing an enterprise DW, organizations can house integrated and centralized data extracted from various disparate operational sources. This allows complex queries to be executed without interfering with the transactional operations of the operational systems, leading to better decision-making processes and fostering company growth.

A Unified Data Warehouse also enhances data support, creating an ideal environment for decision support, analytics reporting, and data mining. It refines data by eliminating redundancy and improving overall data quality while minimizing data manipulation and preserving data integrity. With the capacity to store vast amounts of data encompassing a wide range of parameters, a Unified Data Warehouse delivers up-to-date and comprehensive information for analysis and planning purposes.