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What is Orchestration?‚Äč

Data Orchestration is the process of coordinating and managing multiple computer systems, applications, and services to execute larger workflows or processes.

It streamlines and optimizes the execution of frequent, repeatable processes, helping data teams manage complex tasks and workflows. Orchestration tools are necessary for effective DevOps practices, automating application deployments, managing continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines, and orchestrating release workflows.

Data orchestration platforms are ideal for organizing siloed data from multiple storage locations and making it available for analysis. They connect all data centers, whether they're legacy systems, cloud-based tools, or data lakes.

IOMETE makes it easy to orchestrate multiple tasks, allowing data teams to create and manage multi-step pipelines that transform and refine data, and train machine learning algorithms. By using orchestration tools, companies can save time, increase efficiency, and eliminate redundancies.