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Democratize data! Analyze more data, at planet scale, at a fraction of the cost.

pay as you go with simple,
transparent pricing

Getting started with iomete is easy, and no upfront investment is necessary. Our pay-as-you-go pricing means that you only pay for what you use, and don’t pay when you stop using. We believe in transparent pricing. This is why we always show the rate of the resources you use directly in the user interface



No additional charge - pay the as-is S3 list price (~23$TB) for as much data as you need

  • 10X Data Compression
  • Highly durable
  • Unlimited Scaling
  • Highly Secured
  • Billed monthly


Choose from a wide variety of instance types and cluster sizes, starting from less than 1$/hour.

  • Xsmall - $0.99/hour
  • Small - $1.98/hour
  • Medium - $3.96/hour
  • Large - $7.92/hour
  • XLarge - $15.84/hour
Serverles Streaming


The cheapest serverless streaming service. Billed monthly for the total ingested data

  • 10X cheaper from alternatives
  • No extra costs
  • SLA 99.9%
  • Billions of event per sec.
  • Billed Monthly

recent POC result

Look at these numbers! Recent 10TB TPC DS benchmark results shows that iomete provides 5x-15x better performance for the same price


have questions? we have answers.

What is iomete?

iomete is a fully managed modern data warehouse and other smart services around it to make it a complete data platform. Querying with iomete is fast and cost-effective, and enables users to pull insights from massive datasets in a matter of seconds!

What can I do with iomete?

You can collect and store data in the central place using serverless Streaming Service in a highly compressed format. Get all your company data in one central place. Run interactive ad-hoc queries and long-running ETL jobs using ANSI SQL. iomete can process unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data sets. Examples include CSV, JSON, Avro, or columnar data formats such as Apache Parquet and Apache ORC. The platform comes with integrated SQL Workbench that you can use to generate reports or to explore data. Platform provided ODBC/JDBC drivers allow you to connect with your favorite BI (business intelligence) tools to iomete Datawarehouse

What is "No Vendor Lock-In"?

Customers can choose the storage destination of their AWS S3 Bucket. That means if you don’t want to continue with us you just remove the access to the storage! You don’t need to ask to us transfer data. Since iomete stores data in Open Data Format, currently in ORC format, so you can easily integrate data to other platforms. We believe this will create a healthy relationship between the customer and us. The only way we can keep you on the platform is giving better service to you

What is "Predictable Cost"?

Some managed cloud query engines, such as Google BigQuery, AWS Athena, calculate costs per GB data scanned. Which is quite unpredictable in most cases. You could write an unoptimized query or if you have a large table costs could rise unexpectedly. With iomete you start up your cluster with max capacity. The cluster can scale up and down to meet the load. You ensure that you won’t pay more than what you set as max capacity. Since cluster size downscales automatically during low load times, such as nights or weekends etc., you pay much less than max capacity

GDPR support?

iomete built all the necessary capabilities across the platform to be GDPR compliant. Some of the features are, data mutation, fine-grained access control, data catalog to get full visibility of your data, tagging, tag propagation, and tag-based authorization facilitate to manage access control over critical PII, PCI data without any friction